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Yoga bolsters are widely used in therapeutic yoga classes. They can be placed under hard or soft parts of the body for support and firmness, to promote total release and relaxation. This is the perfect companion for any restorative exercise regimen. Our bolster pillow offers perfect support to relieve any pressure on joints, grant deep stretches, and allow calm relaxation whilst you practice yoga. Excellent support allows utter concentration whilst focusing.

Our yoga bolster pillows are crafted with a concentrated core that gives strong and long-lasting durability. It provides the perfect support and durability, and the amazingly soft outer cover is easily removable for cleaning. It is like a luxurious pillow that seamlessly blends into the serene setting of your home while relieving back pain and providing support. Ideal for prenatal yoga, stretching, pain relief, meditation, and back support.

This yoga bolster pillow features a special design that makes it light and easy to transport, sturdy enough to protect you but small enough to carry and use discreetly. Perhaps, our yoga bolster pillow will become your new favourite yoga accessory right now. It combines the beauty of the material used, great craftsmanship, and uniqueness into a single package. It can be used as a comfortable sleep solution in your bedroom, your living room, or wherever it makes you feel at ease. We offer a product that is designed specifically for relaxation, aids in posture softening, and facilitates the massage process by providing firm support. So, hurry up and buy it, it won't be around forever!

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