Yoga socks

Yoga Socks with Grips

Wearing our men and women yoga socks makes it easier for you to grip the mat or floor. The socks are made of a lightweight material that draws sweat away from your feet so that you can move freely during poses. We like to think our yoga socks give you an advantage while performing yoga practices. They let you grip the mat better than bare feet and wick moisture from your feet during your practice or workout.

These lightweight yoga grip socks are made from fabric that will keep your feet comfortable all the way through your final yoga poses. It doesn't matter if you practice outside or inside, they will keep you comfortable through the final yoga poses. Experts recommend every yogi should consider investing in a pair of yoga socks. If you've never heard of these and your instructor has recommended them, we will give you a brief description of what they are and what they're good for as well as how you can buy these products.

Made of High-Quality Soft and Premium Material

Our non slip yoga socks lend a helping hand with yoga because they help spread your toes easily with holes that let your toes poke out, ensuring greater mobility. Yoga toe socks are generally made of cotton with holes that allow your toes to poke through, providing greater stability. It allows your toes to strengthen by stretching and helps to train them as well. The yoga socks also come with mittens that hold the toes together, but in compartments that cushion the foot.

Our socks have compartments built inside that make it so you don't drag your toes on the floor. Essentially it is ideal to wear if you want to go to a class during the day. Our products will help you gain improved balance since they have a bottom grip and full toe freedom throughout your yoga class. Put them under your regular sandals or shoes while you do yoga before class, then take them off easily and enjoy the rest of your day.

Convenience and Safety

The benefits of wearing yoga bare grip socks are many. First of all, with improved grip, you will master poses and movements more easily. The non-slip bottoms also help you maintain good posture during yoga since one of the primary objectives of yoga is to keep one’s balance.

Nearly all of the muscles in our feet function to help you balance. When these muscles aren't exercised they tend to atrophy, which causes pain or difficulty with balance. Wearing non slip yoga socks keeps your feet and toes where they belong no matter what type of yoga you are doing. Our yoga socks help keep the feet warm while doing floor poses and help absorb sweat. If you're concerned about mat sharing, yoga socks are the best solution to be sure the mat is kept clean since many people also wear socks while practicing yoga on hard floors or on wooden decks other than mats.