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For those who love doing Pilates and Yoga, this small yoga ball will be your next favorite equipment to use. This high-quality ball was intricately created for users who want to strengthen their core, balance, and revitalize with comfort. It’s also great for toning your body when you want to get back on your fitness and wellness journey. Its small size makes it wonderful when it comes to storage and traveling. You can easily stuff it in your bag and take it with you for your practice.

As a versatile fitness tool, this small yoga ball can be easily used to boost your exercise routines. You can choose from several exercises from low-impact to more advanced ones. Even a simple workout can be more challenging when you incorporate a yoga ball into it. It will surely strengthen your core since you must use your core muscles to keep your stability. Some of the best workouts you should try with it are bicep curls, rows, and dumbbell presses. Lastly, it lessens the strain on your arms and shoulders since these exercises only require more core movement and strength. Enjoy!

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