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Introducing our Restorative Yoga Pillow, a harmonious blend of comfort and functionality designed to elevate your relaxation and wellness. The surface, crafted from soft cotton, combined with a brushed cloth inner core, encases a foam particle pillow core, creating a plush sanctuary for your rejuvenation.

This pillow boasts versatility, offering customizable options for size and shape to suit individual preferences. Choose from a range of colors, including Black, Army Green, Blue, Gray, Purple, Pink, Light Yellow, or opt for a customized hue to match your unique style.

Weighing 3KG or tailored to your preference, our Restorative Yoga Pillow is a versatile addition to various spaces such as the living room, household, office, hotel, school, cafe, or even a place of worship. The full-zip cotton cover is not only removable but also machine-washable, ensuring easy maintenance and cleanliness. The grab-and-go handles add a touch of convenience, making portability effortless.

Functionality meets therapeutic benefits as this pillow helps ease stress on joints, align the spine, promote blood circulation around the hips, beautify the buttocks, and protect the caudal vertebra. Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience with our customizable Restorative Yoga Pillow - where comfort and well-being converge.

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