Dark red yoga bum towel

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Our towels are designed for yoga but also provide great comfort when meditating, and they can be used in the gym as well. These towels are lightweight and easy to carry because they are made of lightweight materials, but slightly larger than other standard yoga towels.

When it comes to hygiene, we cannot deny the fact that studios are used by many people daily, which leads to the danger of dangerous levels of microorganisms and bacteria. It is a good idea to use our yoga bum towels as an added layer of protection and reduction of frictions, regardless of if your mat is your own. If your health is important to you, one of the solutions that you can employ is to place the towel on top of your yoga mat so you can directly place it in your washing machine after using it to clean it properly.

As someone very particular about the absorbency of a yoga towel, there is no need to worry about it since most of our yoga towels have this feature, and our yoga bum towel has this as well. Our towels also come in different colours if you are looking for a towel matching the colour of your yoga mat. If you are tired of bringing your yoga mat every day to the yoga studio, there is no need to carry your heavy yoga mat from home, you can easily take our lightweight yoga bum towel with you since our yoga bum towels are portable.

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