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Introducing our Bolster Restorative Yoga Pillow, a versatile solution for personalized support and pain relief. Its unique round roll shape is strategically designed to target specific areas, providing comfort and relief. Whether used as a headrest, lumbar support, or during restorative yoga, this bolster ensures a comfortable experience, making it perfect for reading and relaxation.

This multi-functional neck pillow adapts to your needs, offering support for the head, back, shoulders, or cervical vertebrae during napping or reading sessions. The round roll shape and strategic positioning make it an ideal companion for anyone seeking targeted pain relief and relaxation.

A must-have travel essential, this cotton linen bolster cushions the body, relieving painful pressure points and enhancing comfort during journeys. Say goodbye to uncomfortable sleep on the road as this pillow becomes your trusted companion for ultimate relaxation during travel.

Cleaning is a breeze with our Bolster Restorative Yoga Pillow. Covered in a breathable, machine washable cotton casing, the removable cover features a hidden zipper for easy maintenance. Machine washable at 30°C/40°C, ensuring that your pillow stays fresh and ready for your next moment of relaxation. Elevate your comfort and well-being with this versatile and easy-to-clean yoga bolster.

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