Solar plexus chakra yoga poses

Solar plexus chakra yoga poses

Unlock the transformative potential of Solar Plexus Chakra Yoga Poses with a comprehensive exploration of various approaches. Dive into visualizations, astral journey techniques, and specific yoga poses to balance and activate the solar plexus chakra. Learn the significance of visualization, such as imagining the solar plexus as a radiant yellow sphere, and discover astral journey visualizations to clear and upgrade the chakra's front and back aspects.

Visualization Techniques:

Begin your journey with visualization, envisioning the solar plexus as a radiant yellow sphere. Cleanse and restore this energetic center, calibrating it to the most resonant shade of yellow. Dive into astral journey visualizations, where a symbolic mountain represents your solar plexus chakra structure. Ascend to the mountain's peak, encountering a fire pit indicating the chakra's activity level. Clear and upgrade this pit to harmonize your solar plexus.

Navigate through a tunnel representing the juncture between the front and back of your solar plexus chakra. On the other side, discover another fire pit, reflecting the back side of the chakra. Clear and upgrade as needed, paying attention to any animals or entities encountered during the process. This astral journey visualization provides a holistic approach to solar plexus chakra healing.

Yoga Poses for Solar Plexus Chakra:

Explore specific yoga poses aligned with solar plexus chakra activation:

  1. Navasana (Boat Pose):

    • Engage in Boat Pose by sitting with bent knees, hands under knees, and feet on the floor.
    • Strengthen lower abdominal muscles, lengthen the spine, and lift the sternum while engaging the lower back.
    • Gradually lift the feet, keeping the knees bent initially.
    • Progress to lifting the feet until the shins are parallel to the floor, eventually straightening the legs for Boat Pose.
    • Emphasize core engagement and controlled breathing to align with solar plexus healing.
  2. Phalakasana (Plank Pose):

    • Seek advice from your instructor to ensure proper alignment in Plank Pose.
    • Emphasize lower bandhas and core engagement for stability.
    • Strengthen the shoulders through resistance band exercises and forearm plank holds.
    • Focus on lifting side ribs toward the ceiling to enhance shoulder stability.
  3. Matsyasana (Fish Pose):

    • Practice Fish Pose with support using blocks.
    • Concentrate on thoracic extension rather than lumbar extension.
    • Address the lack of thoracic extension range of motion through Fish Pose.
    • Utilize Fish Pose to enhance thoracic flexibility and overall well-being.
  4. Ustrasana (Camel Pose):

    • Customize Camel Pose intensity by curling toes under instead of pointing them.
    • Lift onto the balls of your feet to reduce pose intensity.
    • Focus on maintaining cervical spine engagement to avoid compression.
    • Prioritize hip forward movement and chest elevation for a comfortable and effective Camel Pose.

Additional Solar Plexus Chakra Yoga Poses:

  1. Anjaneyasana (Crescent Pose / Low Lunge Pose):

    • Embrace the profound benefits of long holds in poses, allowing buried emotions and thoughts to surface for exploration.
    • Practice Crescent Pose with extended holds, observing thoughts and feelings that arise during the pose.
    • Explore the potential of deeper work within the body, breaking through mental barriers during extended poses.
    • Use the practice to develop skills in navigating internal thoughts and emotions on the mat.
  2. Utkatasana (Chair Pose):

    • Align with proper posture and weight distribution in Chair Pose, a full-body exercise preparing for standing and lunge poses.

    • Focus on lifting the chest by pressing palms down where the heel of the hand meets the upper thigh and pelvis.

    • Engage the core, activate the back, and maintain a lifted chest while lifting arms back up.

    • Incorporate this foundational pose for improved alignment and balance in subsequent yoga poses.

    • In High Lunge with Prayer Twist, experiment with glancing over the right shoulder or closing the eyes.

    • Embrace any wobbles or shakes as part of the balancing game, recognizing that balance occurs in the present moment.

    • Falling becomes an opportunity for self-teaching and resilience, contributing to the learning process on the mat.

  3. Alignment and Weight Distribution in Chair Pose:

    • Recognize Chair Pose as a full-body exercise, impacting the entire body from toes to crown.

    • Address the common issue of clenched toes in yoga novices, often caused by weaker ankle muscles.

    • Lift toes to encourage balanced weight distribution on the four points of the foot, creating pada bandha (foot lock).

    • Activate the inner side of the leg, ensuring proper alignment and protection for the knees during subsequent poses.

    • Experience the chain effect of lifting toes, encouraging the arches to lift, and facilitating proper alignment in the pelvic area.

    • Sit hips back in Chair Pose and experiment with rocking weight forward and back, discerning the contribution of different leg muscles.

    • Gain awareness of the nuances in weight distribution and muscle engagement, enhancing the effectiveness of Chair Pose and its impact on subsequent poses.


Embark on a holistic journey of solar plexus chakra activation and balance by incorporating these additional yoga poses. From Crescent Pose to Chair Pose, each asana contributes to the harmonious flow of energy within the solar plexus chakra. Embrace extended holds, explore deeper emotional work, and refine your alignment to unlock the transformative potential of these poses. As you navigate the intricacies of each posture, develop a deeper connection with your internal landscape, fostering overall well-being and self-awareness on the yoga mat. Through visualization, astral journey techniques, and a diverse range of yoga poses, cultivate a profound and lasting harmony in your solar plexus chakra for enhanced spiritual and physical well-being.